Short about my daughter Ani Sedrakyan (third on the photo from the left side)

1. Head of Marketing and Communications, Chronograph Armenia Boutique, 2015-present

2. Marketing and PR Manager of  Luxury boutiques ”La Galleria”, 2011-2015.

3. Marketing and PR Manager, Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan, 2009-2011.
4. Senior Specialist at the International Financial Cooperation Division,
Ministry of Finance, RA, 2007-2009.
5. Advanced Specialist at the State Reserves Agency,
Ministry of Territorial Administration, RA, 2007.
6. Junior Specialist at the State Reserves Agency,
Ministry of Finance and Economy, RA, 2005-2007.
7. Customer service specialist, “Unibank” CJSC, RA, 2005.
8. Trainee at the Department of the Completing Duties toward the State Budget,
Ministry of Finance, RA, 2004-2005.
9. M.S. of Psychology, Public Administration Academy of RA, 2008-2010.
10. School for Young Leaders, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, 2007-2009.
11. M.S. of World Economy, Yerevan State Institute of Economics of RA, 1999-2004.
12. Speaks English, Russian, Spanish, Armenian, little bit Italian and German.

Short about my son Hayk Sedrakyan (second on the photo from the left side :) )
1. European Commission, ITN SADCO researcher, 2011-2015, Paris, France.
2. President of the students’ general assembly of Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (162 nationalities, 10,000 students), Nobel Peace prize 2014 (nominated).
3. Ph.D., University of Sorbonne (Paris 6),  Optimal control and game theory,  2011-2014, Paris, France. Ph.D. thesis defended on 5th of december 2014.
4. M.S. of Financial mathematics, 2010-2011, Germany.
5. M.S. of Industrial mathematics, 2009-2010, Austria.
6. M.S. of Probability theory and Mathematical Statistics, Armenia.
7. B.A. of Mathematics (Theory of Functions), Armenia.
8. Worked for HSBC bank in Personal Financial Service department and Consumer Finance department, 2008-2009.
9. Morgan Stanley, New York, USA, (leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking),  2011.
10. Teacher of the scholars’ mathematical Olympic group, 2005-2006.
11. Won bronze medal in 45th International Mathematical Olympiad, Athens, 2004.
12. Won honorablemention in 44th International Mathematical Olympiad, Japan, 2003.
13. Contestant of 43rd International Mathematical Olympiad, United Kingdom, 2002.
14. Author of several scientific articles published in world-famous journals, such as Springer and Elsevier.
15. Author of several mathematical books, published in USA, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Armenia.
16. Graduated with honor M.S. and B.A. of Mathematics from Yerevan State University, Armenia.
17. Winner of Scholarship Grant Award, Fund for Armenian relief of America (as one of the best students of the republic of Armenia in 2007-2009 academic years).
18. Winner of DAAD and European Commission scholarships for the future studies in Germany, France, Austria and Italy.
19. Speaks English, Russian, French, German and Armenian.

Short about my wife Margarita Karapetyan
1. Graduated with honor M.S. of Mathematics from Yerevan State University, Armenia, USSR.
2. USSR special award, Gold medal for excellent studies during University years.
3. Was working during many years as a teacher of Mathematics.
4. Graduated with honor from N1 Phys-Math high school at Yerevan State University.
5. Gold medal for excellent studies during school years.
6. Speaks Russian, Armenian and little bit French.


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