About me

1. Erdős Award Laureate (one of the highest international awards in mathematics). Given for contributions to mathematics worldwide, for playing a significant role in the development of mathematical challenges at the national and international level, which have been a stimulus for the enrichment of mathematics learning. More info here.

2. International Mathematical Olympiads problem selection committee and jury member, 2006-present.
3. Author of one of the hardest problems ever proposed in the history of IMO. Details in the section “Hardest problem in IMO”.
4. Author of problem solving and Olympiad style mathematics books. Details in the section “Books”.
5. Problem selection committee and jury member of International Olympiad of Metropolises, Moscow, Russia, 2016-present.
6. Problem selection committee and Jury member of International Zhautykov Olympiad, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2006-present.
7. IMO problem selection committee and jury member (6 people), Astana, Kazakhstan, 51st International Mathematical Olympiad, 2010. Details in the section “International Mathematical Olympiads”.
8. Professional coach for International Mathematical Olympiads (trained 1 Gold Medal winner, 4 Silver Medal winners, 15 Bronze Medal winners).
9. President of the Republican Mathematical Olympiads of the Republic of Armenia, 2011-2013 (and jury member 1996-2005, 2009-2013).
10. President and organizer of International Mathematical Olympiads “Tournament of Towns” in the Republic of Armenia, 1986-2013.
11. President of Yerevan’s state Mathematical Olympiads, Republic of Armenia, 1996-2013.
12. AwesomeMath year-round program (AMY), segment author, USA, 2015-2016.
13. Chief developer of multimedia software for Mathematics, ”Direct Skill Systems” CJSC, 2015-2016.

14. Mathematics Curriculum Developer, major international projects  (including USA), 1991-present.

More info here: Wikipedia Nairi Sedrakyan

Author of 70 articles and 17 books, published globally. Details in the sections “Books” and “My publications”.

Date of birth 25.07.1961.


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  1. Mariam says:

    ” If others would but reflect on mathematical truths as deeply and continuously as I have, they would make my discoveries.”
    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  2. Harutyun (Harut) Hovsepyan says:

    Im sireli usucich. Mi amboxch serund partakan a dzez ir hajoxutyunneri hamar! Cankanum em dzez ev dzer entanikin aroxchutyun ev mecaguyn hajoxutryunner.

    Hargankerov dzer ashakert (1988 – 1991)
    Harutyun Hovsepyan

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