1.  Erdős Award 2022 (one of the highest international awards in mathematics). Given for contributions to mathematics worldwide, and for playing a significant role in the development of mathematical challenges at the national and international level, which have been a stimulus for the enrichment of mathematics learning. More info here.

2. University of Riga and Latvian matematical committee,
Gold Medal (20 people from the whole world) for contributions into World’s Mathematical Olympiads and scientific activities.
3. The higest award of Ministry of Education and Sciences of Republic of Armenia, Gold Medal for excellent (Olympic) teaching activities.
4. The best teacher of Republic of Armenia, 2000, award of Ministry of Education and Sciences of Republic of Armenia.
5. The students of Nairi Sedrakyan have obtained 20 medals (1 Gold Medal, 4 Silver Medals, 15 Bronze Medals, one of which was received by his son Hayk Sedrakyan) in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), providing more than half of the medals that the Republic of Armenia received in the history of its participation in IMO. So far it is the single Gold Medal of the Republic of Armenia in IMO. Moreover, in 2000 in Armenian National team of IMO consisted of 6 participants, 5 of them were Nairi Sedrakyan’s students. Exactly these 5 participants have received 2 Silver Medals (1 point was missing to be a Gold Medal) and 3 Bronze Medals in 41st IMO, Taejon, Republic of Korea. This (having 5 medal winning students in the team of 6 people representing the whole country) is a unique result not only for Armenia but in the whole world in the history of all IMO’s.
6. Special gift awarded by the Prime Minister and the government of Republic of Armenia (for points 3 and 4).
7. The best teacher of Republic of Armenia, 1993, award of Ministry of Education and Sciences of Republic of Armenia.

More info here: Wikipedia Nairi Sedrakyan


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  1. Armen says:

    The BEST teacher ever.

  2. Hi, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I had a great visit.

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